Since the product is of 'non-discretionary' nature, investors will have complete control over investments and the asset classes wherein their corpus will be invested.

Within this, we will be focusing on companies whose business models align with our investors' intrinsic value framework and participate in good quality stock ideas across sectors.

Based on the discretion of clients and subject to any restrictions and/or prohibitions in the applicable guidelines / Regulations of the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the Funds shall be invested in any financial, money market or other instruments or investment including in, but not limited to shares, stocks, scripts, bonds, units, mutual funds, convertible debentures, non-convertible debentures, certificates of deposits, Units of Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) & Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvITs), Government Securities, treasury bills, certificates of securities debt or any other securities as directed by non-discretionary clients.

Ideas will be generated by PPFAS, but investor consent is required before the implementation. Investors may also have specific ideas that he/ she may like to be validated by the detailed research process we follow and based on our recommendations, the investor may or may not agree to move forward.

Such an arrangement will help the investor to get an independent perspective of the idea before he/ she acts on it. In addition to that, we will be guiding their portfolio towards the value framework that they hold. Such a process could lead to a varied set of stock ideas across investors, thus providing them a customized portfolio and service.


NIFTY Multi Asset - Equity: Debt: Arbitrage: REITS / INVITS (50:20:20:10) Index is considered for the benchmark to compare the performance of the scheme.

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