Hrishikesh Thackersey '' Of all the various investment philosophies out there, value investing is what makes most sense to me. I have seen Paragbhai stick to this philosophy with a conviction I don't see among other wealth managers, who tend to simply echo market sentiment. I feel reassured that my money is being invested in good businesses with good managements, and at the right price and wholeheartedly recommend Cognito to any long-term investor.

For over 10 years, PPFAS has been our investment manager of choice. Paragbhai firmly sticks to his value investing principles in the highs and lows of the market cycles, and I have complete faith in his judgement. I can be confident that my capital with PPFAS is as safe as is possible in the equity markets."''

Hrishikesh Thackersey
Director, Hindoostan Mills Ltd.

Mr. Jagdish Sanghvi ''Dear Paragbhai,
I do not know whether anyone has thanked you for excellent education you are providing to your investors every week under the column PARAG'S VIEW. I do make it a point to read it every week, even at the cost of other mail. Although, I do thank you for it, I can not say that I follow it to the commas and full stops. Generally speaking, I hold business leaders in my portfolio with high degree of conviction, and not get swayed away by what the so called experts have to say. Please, do not mistake me for I am not on an ego trip. Present correction is rather un-nerving but, some of your views do bring the sanity back.

I am happy to read your views and please continue the good work.''

Warm Regards
Jagdish Sanghvi

Mr. Jehangir Karkaria '' I am a client of the Brokerage and Mutual Fund arms of Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd. (PPFAS) for about a decade now.

In my experience, their work has been of high quality, both in terms of accuracy and timely delivery of services. They have exemplary ethics and their style of functioning is careful and cautious, but without sacrificing speed of execution and alertness to capture opportunities in the market place.

PPFAS is a customer focused organisation, which goes out of its way to keep its customers happy and satisfied. They have a personal touch, which makes every client feel very special.

I consider myself one of their satisfied customers and that is why I have had an uninterrupted, decade long relationship with them.''

Jehangir Karkaria

Varsha Desai ''I am proud that I am market savvy and an informed investor today. Full credit for this goes to PPFAS. They have not only been my investment guide but also friends whom I can trust completely. Thank you PPFAS for changing my life.''

Varsha Desai

Mr. Tushar Vayeda ''PPFAS has been my advisor on my debt and equity investments for several years. I can say without hesitation that their advise has been the best. No hype, no selling - just good advise. Over the years it is this quality of giving unbiased advise that has kept me going back to them for all my investment requirements. I do appreciate their conservative and practical advise and would recommend them to anybody looking for the same. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who is seeking financial planning/advice. I wish them all the best.''

Tushar Vayeda
Diamond Exporter

Mr. Jagdish Jagani ''During my association with PPFAS, their wealth management team has changed my outlook towards investments completely. They do not just simply advise on equity or funds, rather they get you a financial plan, making place for asset allocation, defining my insurance requirement and making a retirement plan for me. Their team is friendly and approachable and their advise is never motivated by commissions. Neither is the service level related to size of investments. Today I am much more relaxed about money matters, thanks to team PPFAS.''

Jagdish Jagani

Mr. Viren Vashi ''The advice I have received has been sound and effective. The personalized service has made it easier for me to get on and concentrate on my profession, leaving PPFAS to manage my money. I appreciate their way of functioning. They do not encourage speculation and have simple practical approach to investing in markets, which works superbly in the long term. They do not compromise on ethics to make a quick buck in the equity market and this translates to greater trust from us clients. I have already recommended them to my family members and many of them are already satisfied clients of PPFAS.''

Viren Vashi

''I am in touch with Parag's company for the last 10 years. Initially, I was a subscriber of PPFAS's weekly reports. On being convinced about its fair & honest business philosophy, I became its client. Ever since, I find their dealings quite fair. Personally, I like Parag very much. He is a god fearing, knowledgeable and an excellent person. I find Parag professionally competent & straightforward gentlemen. I wish the company, headed by Parag, an excellent future.''

Dr. Hemraj Garg

Mr. Anuj Tipnis ''My experience with PPFAS Ltd is positive in every aspect. For me transperency in dealing, professional advice are the most important criteria for choosing a financial advisor. I am glad that PPFAS fits the bill. Their service and client relationship has been above par.''

Anuj Tipnis

''I am a client of PPFAS for over a decade. They practice value investing and do not indulge in speculation. Their integrity and acumen gives me the confidence to entrust them with my money. I have recommended them to my family and friends.''

Himanshu Shah
Director, KONEL Corporation