Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Limited. is a leading Investment Advisory Firm with a reputation built on performance. We follow a philosophy which focuses on doing the right things rather than merely doing things right, we also believe that monetary rewards do not take precedence over an ethical approach to our work. Our employees, who are aligned with this philosophy, are our greatest assets.

With over two decades of rich and varied experience, a thorough knowledge of the markets, proficiency in risk management and innovative, focused research, we offer advise on investing in the equity and fixed income markets and mutual funds. The ability to accept change and imbibe new ideas and concepts underlines the culture at PPFAS.

The application of concepts of Behavioral Finance forms the core of our business model. Leveraging on its strength of investment research, PPFAS launched the Cognito Portfolio Management Scheme in 1996 for managing funds. The credo of our Portfolio Management Division has always been "We create high net worth individuals. We do not chase them". Investment Research first enabled PPFAS to obtain a footing in the highly competitive institutional broking market and now enables us to maintain our differentiation and cutting edge. Our strength lies in giving investment advice to clients based on ideas, insight and business acumen rather than churning out detailed company or industry reports, which are primarily based on information freely available in the public domain.