Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd. (PPFAS) seeks to build wealth for its clients through a Portfolio Management Service that is available to Individuals and Corporate (Resident & Non-Resident) clients. Under the aforementioned scheme, investments are made in Direct Equity, Mutual Funds, and Fixed Income instruments. When you invest with us, in return for your confidence, we give you peace of mind even while your money remains in the capital markets. This Portfolio Management Scheme (Cognito) was started in October 1996 and is a SEBI registered Discretionary Portfolio Management Scheme which combines sound investment principles with refreshing, innovative thinking and incisive research to provide a service that is best suited to the investor's own special needs. Client's expectations and risk perspectives are understood over pre-signing meetings. An ideal balance between equity and fixed income investments is arrived at with mutual consent. The accent is on striking the optimum balance between security and growth. Strategic as opposed to Tactical Asset Allocation methods are generally adopted for managing the corpus.

To PPFAS, a client is more than a mere portfolio. It is a relationship marked by trust, transparency and shared information concerning the client's investments and market moves. Towards this end:

  • All accounts, operations & returns of the portfolio management scheme are audited by BSL & Company.
  • Online viewing of your portfolio and all transactions on our website through a secured password

Investment Thresholds:

At PPFAS we believe in creating High Net Worth Individuals and not chasing them. Towards this end, we have adhered to the SEBI mandated minimum investment threshold for any Portfolio Management Scheme.

PMS Disclosures:

Documents contain SEBI mandated disclosures which provides essential information required before engaging us as your Portfolio Manager.

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