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Praise for Value Investing and Behavioral Finance

Value Investing and Behavioral Finance "Emotions can get in the way of sound investing. This is a universal state of affairs that applies equally to India and America. Parikh's book will help you understand how vulnerable most investors are to psychological influences,-and what they can do to protect their portfolios from the destructive effects of their own emotions. For Indian investors especially, it is a must read!"

Hersh Shefrin
Author of Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and The Psychology of Investing

"Parag Parikh has taken the best of the recent research in behavioral finance and has successfully applied its models to the Indian stock markets. I recommend this book to all Indian investors."

Sanjay Bakshi
Visiting Professor (Behavioral Finance and Business Valuation),
Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

"If you are looking for stock tips to double your money in these difficult times, don't read this book. Read it if you want to create wealth in these difficult times and preserve it through the next upturn and downturn that are bound to follow. Parag distills his experience of three decades as one ofIndia's foremost wealth managers into this book. He explains the subject like a wonderful teacher, grounding you in the basics and then helping you easily grasp concepts that some of today's wealth managers would do well to follow."

Senthil Chengalvarayan
President and Group Editorial Director,
Television 18 Business Media

"Value Investing and Behavioral Finance deals with the quirks of the mind, their impact on making decisions and the consequences of investment performance. Parag is spot on in urging investors to adopt a more empirically skeptical approach based on a clear understanding of one's own blind spots and biases. The insights from applied psychology in coming to terms with IPOs, index investing and spotting bubbles will save you a lot of pain and money. Every serious investor would do well to have a copy of this fine work on their bookshelves."

Sanjoy Bhattacharyya
Fortuna Capital

"Creating wealth from equity investing is not purely a number game. In fact, it is more of a mind game. Each one of us reacts to a financial situation differently. Unless an investor considers psychological angle to investing, wealth creation will always remain an illusion. This book throws light on the psychological aspects of equity investing. It is a must read for all investors."

Gaurav Mashruwala
Certified Financial Planner

"The wild gyrations of the stock market in the last 12 months have left investors with heavy losses. Many are bewildered and have lost faith in equity investments. Parag Parikh's timely book offers a pragmatic way of understanding market behavior and facilitating better investment decisions."

Ashok M. Advani
Chairman & Managing Director,
Blue Star Ltd.

"All the techniques required to play in the markets are eXplained by Parag Parikh. His analysis-spanning last three decades-and expert observations provide the reader with the much needed framework to help him carve his way to wealth by investing intelligently."

Harsh C. Mariwala
Chairman & Managing Director,
Marico Ltd.

"Parag Parikh delivers once again. If his first book, Stocks to Riches was a timely offering and a bestseller several times over, his second one, Value Investing and Behavioral Finance is critical. It is a guide on how to retain your cool in times of meltdown, your patience and your investments when everybody is losing all three with disastrous consequences. Parag does not claim to provide a magic bullet to shoot into the heart of the. stock market. In fact, he confesses upfront that he is neither an economist nor an academician. But, what he does have is astute common sense, and three decades of experience in studying the market, money management and investor behavior. From this rare armoury, he has forged the essentials of success and failure in investing.

The result is a book that helps you understand your own motivations, which is the first step towards understanding investment, and then achieving mastery .over the market. Simple without being simplistic, it tells you everything you wanted to know about managing your portfolio, but never thought you'd find someone to explain it all so clearly."

Bachi Karkaria
Consulting Editor,
The Times of India

"Parag Parikh has amply demonstrated by giving real-life situations how lack of understanding of universal principles of life and lack of selfawareness unleash greed and fear, spelling loom and doom as we are witnessing currently.. His insights into behavioral finance serve as a lighthouse whose powerful beam illuminates, empowers, enlightens and guides investors to steer their equity portfolio ships safely and rationally to the shores of gains and profits. Further, this book shows that to be myopic and seek instant gratification is the sure recipe for disaster."

Sudit Parekh
founder Partner,
Sudit K Parekh & Co.
Chartered Accountants

"Investing 101, with a focus on Indian markets."

Abhishek Dalmia
Renaissance Group

"If one wishes to understand behavioral finance in investment decisions, he will need to spend considerable time and energy in doing so. This book can save a lot of time and effort, by helping one understand the multiple facets of an investor... The book is extremely informative... There are a lot of good pointers to the behavioral anomalies of investors and the crowd psychology that we would have never otherwise thought of or realized... the book is complete in the coverage of all areas of investor behavior and behavioral trends. The author's readiness to explain every aspect of the theme is also really helpful, which makes both reading and understanding easy...I will recommend it to anyone interested in the subject."

Y. M. Deosthalee
Chief Financial Officer & Member of the Board,
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

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